THESUN News Headlines
Today Thursday, 21st October 2021
Meet the world’s worst trophy hunters who killed 5,000 elephants, blasted baboons & left Cecil the lion to die in agony Thu, 21 Oct What is the difference between Republican and Democrat? Thu, 21 Oct Brits travel to La Palma volcano to take SELFIES near 1075C lava after breaching police checkpoints Thu, 21 Oct British troops kill two ‘terrorists’ in Mali in first gun battle since end of combat in Afghanistan Thu, 21 Oct Secret US nuclear missile bases ‘targeted by UFOs’ revealed in new map as Pentagon told to ‘come clean’ Thu, 21 Oct ‘World’s biggest snake’ so massive it has to be lifted by CRANE from bush lair Thu, 21 Oct How Halloween monster Michael Myers inspired teen to slaughter mum & sister after binge-watching movie days before Thu, 21 Oct My puppy Peanut hanged himself falling off grooming table after negligent pet shop staff left his lead round his neck Thu, 21 Oct I’m a ice expert and this is why you should NEVER have it in your drinks in pubs and restaurants Thu, 21 Oct Shocking moment ‘morality police’ use dog-catcher’s pole to haul woman into van ‘for failing to wear headscarf’ in Iran Thu, 21 Oct Monster Taliban militants ‘BEHEAD women’s volleyball player and post photos of her head on social media’ Thu, 21 Oct Recording of four-year-old boy’s emergency call goes viral after police respond to “come over and see” his toys Thu, 21 Oct Evil mum poisoned baby son by pouring BLEACH into his feeding tube so she could ‘get a good night’s sleep’ Thu, 21 Oct Former Madeleine McCann cop fears Cleo Smith, 4, was snatched like Brit toddler as four key clues point to abduction Thu, 21 Oct Brit grandad, 61, dies trying to save life of two grandchildren after they were swept out to sea on holiday in Crete Thu, 21 Oct Dramatic moment ‘Russian fighter jets intercept two US hypersonic nuke bombers over the Black Sea’ Thu, 21 Oct Has missing 4-year-old Cleo Smith been found? Thu, 21 Oct Brian Laundrie search – First look inside alligator-infested Carlton Reserve as manhunt for Gabby Petito’s fiance ends Thu, 21 Oct Japan’s Mount Aso volcano ERUPTS spewing clouds of molten rock and ash sending tourists fleeing for their lives Thu, 21 Oct Japanese ghost ships sunk by US during WW2 battle of Iwo Jima raised from the deep after volcano tremors lift seabeds Thu, 21 Oct UFOs crippled ten of my nuclear missiles at ANOTHER top-secret US air base, claims ex-NASA moon landing engineer Wed, 20 Oct UFOs crippled ten of my nuclear missiles at ANOTHER top-secret US air base, claims ex-NASA moon landing engineer Wed, 20 Oct Woman, 89, mauled to death by two dogs after carer left her to wander into neighbour’s garden 2 days ago Bizarre cube-shaped UFO spotted emerging from the ocean on ISS footage, conspiracy theorists claim 2 days ago Tragic tale of $10million lotto winner fatally injected with painkillers by husband in revenge for ‘squandering cash’ 2 days ago Outrageous flat advert goes viral after viewers spot ‘couple romping on the sofa’… but is all as it seems? 2 days ago Brit footballer Billy Hood claims to have bombshell evidence Dubai cops FRAMED him as he rots in jail 2 days ago Harrowing moment elephant mum stamps a crocodile to death as beast threatened to attack her calf 2 days ago Incredible moment couple FLOAT their dream home 50 miles across lake to new picture perfect location 2 days ago I was horrified to find my daughter, 4, had vanished from her tent overnight – someone knows where she is 2 days ago