NEWS24 News Headlines
Today Friday, 20th May 2022 | Lawyer asks Kyiv war crimes trial to acquit Russian soldier Fri, 20 May | Spain, Portugal monkeypox cases tallies each surpass 20 Fri, 20 May | US supermarket distribution centre where inspectors found 1,100 rodents is shutting down Fri, 20 May | Ukraine orders end to defence of Mariupol Fri, 20 May | US accuses Russia of holding the world's food supply 'hostage. Cyber attacks could impact global supply Fri, 20 May | Australia says man returned from Europe probably has monkeypox Fri, 20 May | Meta tells staff they can't discuss abortion at work except in some circumstances and forums, report Fri, 20 May | Britain's finance minister first UK politician to enter 'Rich List' with estimated wealth of £730m Fri, 20 May | North Korea shuns outside help as Covid-19 catastrophe looms Fri, 20 May | A 1-year-old boy died after being raped by 2 Russian soldiers, Ukraine says Fri, 20 May | Elon Musk offered to buy flight attendant a horse for erotic massage - sexual misconduct claim Fri, 20 May | 'I ask you to forgive me,' Russian tank commander says to Ukrainian widow in first war crimes trial Fri, 20 May | Russia deploys its 'Terminator' armoured fighting vehicles designed for urban combat Fri, 20 May | New French government to be announced on Friday - presidency Fri, 20 May | 'They are afraid of educated women,' said Afghan TV presenter as Taliban orders them to cover faces Fri, 20 May | Russian businessman to hire, pay all 62,000 of McDonald's employees in country following chain's exit Fri, 20 May | Putin's daughter had child with former ballet director in Germany and was frequent flyer, reports say Fri, 20 May | Elon Musk to visit Brazil for talks with Bolsonaro government, official says Fri, 20 May | Musk denies he sexually harassed flight attendant on private jet Fri, 20 May | Elon Musk says he's wading into politics to stop the 'woke mind virus' from destroying civilisation Fri, 20 May | SpaceX employee said Elon Musk exposed himself to her - documents show. She got R4m for her silence Fri, 20 May | Elon Musk was dating Amber Heard, finalising a divorce around the time of sexual harassment claim Fri, 20 May | Ellen Barkin testifies Johnny Depp was 'jealous, controlling and frequently drunk' Fri, 20 May | Ukraine steelworks troops surrender as Russian soldier says sorry Fri, 20 May | NATO beer with 'taste of security' and 'hint of freedom' released in Finland Fri, 20 May | Record numbers of people displaced in their own countries in a 'world falling apart' Fri, 20 May | Germany strips Schroeder of official perks over Russia ties Fri, 20 May | Beijing, Moscow in talks on oil deal as China seeks to fill reserves with cheap Russian crude, report Thu, 19 May | Tokyo medical school ordered to pay over gender discrimination Thu, 19 May | Biden welcomes Sweden, Finland leaders in push for NATO bid Thu, 19 May