MIRROR News Headlines
Today Friday, 20th May 2022
Monkeypox symptoms in animals as the virus spreads across the world Fri, 20 May Turkey's President Erdogan to speak with Finland over NATO application row Fri, 20 May Man proposes to 'world's most identical twins' who share him and go on dates together Fri, 20 May Social media star branded 'utterly disgusting' for suspected wildfire video Fri, 20 May Churchgoers in Ukraine desperately pray for Vladimir Putin’s death amid Russia war Fri, 20 May Mystery as river turns orange and kills wildlife becoming 'ecological disaster' Fri, 20 May Vet's plea to owner shouting 'my dog is friendly' after seeing terrifying outcome Fri, 20 May Neo-Nazi fight club hosting martial arts training sessions found in sports centre Fri, 20 May Woman killed after concrete block plunges from building straight onto her head Fri, 20 May UK sending hundreds more troops to Eastern Europe to counter Russian aggression Fri, 20 May Soldiers from feared Ukrainian regiment share horror conditions inside Russian camp Fri, 20 May Ukrainian medic smuggles harrowing bodycam footage from Mariupol in TAMPON Fri, 20 May Man knocked off boat by huge 11ft shark before scaring beast off with ingenious tactic Fri, 20 May Vladimir Putin's daughter brazenly defends her dad's war in Ukraine in rant Fri, 20 May Monkeypox virus spreads across world - symptoms and how worried we should be Fri, 20 May Woman shocked by note to ‘wear appropriate clothing’ after she wore bikini to catch dogs Fri, 20 May Baby boy, 1, dies after being raped by sick Russian soldiers, Ukraine claims Fri, 20 May North Korea fighting Covid with tea and salt gargles as cases rocket past two million Fri, 20 May Vladimir Putin's daughter flew to Munich more than 50 times, investigation claims Fri, 20 May BREAKING Vladimir Putin in chilling warning about 'real aggression' against Russia in new speech Fri, 20 May Pro-Vladimir Putin influencer and model allowed onto Cannes red carpet sparking fury Fri, 20 May World's most dangerous volcano that killed 58 people could erupt within years Fri, 20 May MH370's four possible flight paths as expert claims to know location of doomed plane Fri, 20 May Brit causes monkeypox outbreak in Australia after it reports first case of virus Fri, 20 May Common virus kills 100,000 under 5s worldwide in a year - signs for parents to look for Fri, 20 May Google Maps mystery: The unstable volcanic island used for nuclear tests in the 1950s Fri, 20 May Horror of 'world's most inbred family' where parents of 14 kids were all related Fri, 20 May Vladimir Putin 'suffering from chronic back pain' due to injury suffered years ago Fri, 20 May Man who swallowed glasses arms for a BET begs doctors to remove them four years later Fri, 20 May Inside violent prison where husband killer of Brit mum Caroline Crouch is held Fri, 20 May