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Today Friday, 20th May 2022
Global leaders are preparing for the next pandemic with commitments to a proposed new fund for prevention and response Fri, 20 May 2 reasons the US is in a major housing shortage, construction can't get done, and houses cost more than many Americans can afford Fri, 20 May I'm a ranch manager for the Budweiser Clydesdales. I'm on call 24/7 but consider myself the luckiest person in the world. Fri, 20 May Jeremy Grantham and Ray Dalio discuss the stock-market plunge, ring the inflation alarm, and share investing tips. Here are their 15 best quotes from Fri, 20 May US stocks climb after China provides stimulus through rate cut but S&P 500 still on course for a weekly loss Fri, 20 May GOP anti-abortion witness baselessly claims DC authorities are burning aborted fetuses for electricity Fri, 20 May Russian oil exports to Italy have more than quadrupled due to unintended consequences of Western sanctions Fri, 20 May Why Republicans keep rolling out bills to stop Biden from cancelling student debt Fri, 20 May Former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says he's running for Congress Fri, 20 May 50 cryptocurrency and NFT terms you need to know Fri, 20 May Russia will stop supplying gas to Finland after its refusal to pay in rubles, marking the third European country cut off by Moscow Fri, 20 May Roku overtakes Tesla as the top holding in Ark Invest's flagship fund amid ongoing tech sell-off Fri, 20 May Secret Service agents sent home from South Korea after 'off duty incident' local media said was a drunken fight Fri, 20 May Biden is teasing a coming decision on student-loan forgiveness. Here's everything we know about how it could look. Fri, 20 May Data shows that movie piracy is up from 2021, but hasn't hurt Hollywood's biggest box-office hits this year Fri, 20 May Google's head of diversity opens up about pushing for equity amid violence and racism in America Fri, 20 May These were the 5 worst performing cryptos over the past week amid bitcoin bear market Fri, 20 May Trump, an avid golfer, says he won't watch the PGA Championship after it snubbed his Bedminster golf course over the January 6 Capitol attack Fri, 20 May Freed Marine veteran Trevor Reed says his Russian cell was smeared with blood 'all over the walls' and 'crap everywhere' Fri, 20 May The 15 best Apple Arcade games that make a subscription worthwhile Fri, 20 May Sinn Fein invites Conservative MPs to historic meeting in UK Parliament next week Fri, 20 May Economist Stephen Roach says the US is headed for stagflation, and warns markets aren't accounting for massive Fed tightening Fri, 20 May A 1-year-old boy died after being raped by 2 Russian soldiers, Ukraine says Fri, 20 May Billionaire investor Stanley Druckenmiller reveals new bet against the S&P 500 — and piled into energy stocks last quarter Fri, 20 May DoorDash has opened its first virtual food hall and ghost kitchen in Brooklyn — see what it's like to eat there Fri, 20 May The owner of the Mariupol steel plant obliterated by Russian shelling is considering selling his unfinished superyacht Fri, 20 May Kremlin propaganda is directly responsible for Russia's genocide in Ukraine, war-crime investigators say Fri, 20 May Before-and-after photos show the personal toll of Ukraine's war on Zelenskyy since he took office 3 years ago Fri, 20 May A Russian businessman has agreed to hire and pay all 62,000 of McDonald's employees in the country following the fast-food chain's exit Fri, 20 May Russia is desperate for more soldiers and likely to redeploy troops too quickly after Mariupol siege, UK intel says Fri, 20 May